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Best Web Hosting Providers


Check server reliability, uptime scores, and security. It's very important to ensure that your website will not go offline as that may cause a loss of business leads.


Important features such as regular data backup, free SSL certificate, domain privacy, domain based email, one click installer for WordPress, and user friendly panel should be available.


Customer and technical support is required. Most providers offer 24/7 multiple levels of support, such as live chat, email, toll-free phone, and support tickets.


We suggest that you compare both the sign up and renewal rates of hosting plans. Of course, affordable pricing is great, but server reliability is essential, too.

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Types of Web Hosting

Websites are hosted on servers which are powerful pieces of hardware that house websites and data related to those sites. All servers are not the same and this is why different web hosting options exist. Some servers are shared by multiple websites, while other servers are dedicated to just one website.

The most basic type of web hosting, shared hosting is cost-effective, ideal for small or entry-level websites, and doesn’t require high technical expertise.

Great for small or medium-sized businesses that can’t afford unexpected downtime on their website(s), VPS hosting is perfect for those who have outgrown the resources of a shared hosting plan.

WordPress hosting is, essentially, web hosting that has been optimized for WordPress. It utilizes specific additional security features for websites that are running on WordPress.

For medium and large businesses that are experiencing rapid growth, cloud hosting, which is a hybrid, more economical version of a VPS, is the best option.

This is the most expensive type of web hosting. It’s for enterprise-level websites that have high volumes of traffic. As you get the entire server for yourself, you can enjoy super-fast performance.

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