5 Best Cloud Hosting providers


Cloud hosting

Best Cloud Hosting

Best Cloud Hosting

Cloudways was started by Uzair Gadit, Aaqib Gadit, and Pere Hospital, in Malta, in 2009 to offer high quality cloud-based, fully-managed WordPress hosting for those with a tight budget. Especially suited to small and medium-sized businesses, Cloudways follows a pay-as-you-go policy which means you only pay for the resources you have used. With Cloudways, you will get flexible and affordable plans, along with secure, speedy, and scalable hosting.


cloud hosting

Siteground Web hosting

Best for scaling

Headquartered in Bulgaria, SiteGround’s offices and servers are located around the world to ensure that its clients, globally, benefit from its 99.99% uptime and low page loading time (around 0.67 seconds). In 2020, they moved to Google Cloud Platform which comes with many advantages. SiteGround is one of the best web hosts out there because the high-quality server performance and impressive customer support.


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Hostgator Web Hosting

Best for cheap plans

HostGator began in 2002 and quickly evolved into one of the largest web hosts in the world; it now hosts more than 8,000,000 websites. While HostGator is one of the best Cloud hosting providers, it is a great starting point for new users because of its ease-of-use. HostGator will give you a lot more more than good uptime: advanced security, cheap cloud hosting rates, 24/7/365 live and phone support, and an impressive 45-day money back guarantee are just a few of them. 


cloud hosting

Best Cheap Hosting

best freebies

Hostinger is recognized for offering above average server performance, its ease of use, and multilingual customer support at one of the lowest rates in the industry. With its  consistent uptime of  99.97% and a remarkably low loading time (around 0.35 seconds), whether you have a limited budget or not, Hostinger’s fully managed cloud hosting plans and performance will leave you satisfied at the least.


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Best WordPress Hosting

best for WordPress

Officially recognized by Google Could, Kinsta is probably the best cloud hosting in fully-managed WordPress hosting category, in terms of both performance and support, in the market. Rated the best WordPress hosting company by CodeinWP in its survey in 2018, Kinsta is trusted by brands like Intuit, Michigan Aerospace, GE, and Tripadvisor. With Kinsta, you’ll get exceptional security, such as hack fixes, site staging environments, expert WordPress support, and so much more. 

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting utilizes a network of virtual servers that tap into an underlying network of physical servers. You rely on a unique server configuration that lets you pull from multiple servers.

Who should use cloud hosting?

It’s a great option for medium and large-sized business websites that get a high volume of traffic and experience growth at a rapid rate.

What are the benefits of cloud hosting?

With cloud hosting, you get blazing fast speeds, higher uptime, great security and easy to scale your server. It is, also, allows almost unlimited data storage. You can also host WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and other popular applications through cloud hosting.

What are the cons of cloud hosting?

Unexpected high traffic can increase your bill. Also, you might face difficulties in migrating from one cloud platform to another (vendor lock-in). Some providers offer limited control and flexibility since the cloud infrastructure is entirely owned, managed, and monitored by them.

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