Cloudways Review: Here Is How To Load Your Site In 3 Seconds!

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Cloudways - The Brand

Are you looking for a scalable, reliable, and super-fast hosting solution that doesn’t rip you off and is focused on growing your business? If you are, then Cloudways cloud hosting is your go-to solution.

Many users are stuck with their hosting solutions because they seem to have no way out. We was one of them until a few days ago. Our one of the site’s bandwidth was exceeding its limit and it was on a shared hosting plan with a bunch of other shady websites. 

Unsurprisingly, it was ruining SEO efforts. So, we went for the Cloudways this time and got the chance to do a Cloudways review as well.

Cloudways hosting is a Malta-based company with a back office in Dubai. It is one of the biggest managed hosting brands in the world. Where most companies offer server-level management through support teams, Cloudways automates the whole process. This has helped it reduce its prices, comparatively, with its hosting competitors. Let’s dive into the Cloudways review.

Cloudways Review: The Basics

Cloudways allows you to host your website on multiple cloud hosting providers while you manage all those cloud instances through a GUI. In short, you don’t have to play with CLI or SSH to make changes to your website. You can do all that through point and click options available on the GUI. 

Beginners who are reluctant to try cloud hosting solutions for the fear that they will have to learn server management and Linux can do so without worry. 

Let’s look at real examples to get a clearer picture. Cloudways hosts the UK’s biggest e-commerce agency called LimeSharp. It has increased its user’s site performance by 200% and reduced the load time to a minimum. It also hosts the growing project management tool called Tallyfy. The whole platform uses AWS with the help of  Cloudways hosting solution.

Cloudways and Its First-Rate Features

Let’s take a look at the plethora of features that Cloudways offers.

Multiple Hosting Providers: Cloudways offers five hosting solutions to choose from, that is, DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, and Google Cloud. Even the cheapest, Vultr, has high performance servers. The most reliable and cheapest one, however, is DigitalOcean.



If you’re looking for high-end servers, then try Google Cloud or AWS as both offer the biggest edge to their users.

Pay as You Go: You only pay for the server resources you use. There is no monthly payment associated with Cloudways. So, if you use the Cloudways servers for a single hour, you pay $0.0137. If you use it for a month, you pay only $10. This flexible pricing allows you to test your applications on more than one server without worrying about upfront costs.

Free SSL: Security is key to trust in the digital world. That’s what Cloudways offers through its Let’s Encrypt partnership. It allows you to get SSL certificates for all the websites hosted on a server in a single click.

No Application Lock: Unlike Kinsta and WPEngine where you are bound to a single application, Cloudways lets you launch any application of your choice. For starters, you get to choose from WordPress, Magento, Prestashop, Drupal, Joomla, Laravel, and PHP basic iteration.

Free Migration: Are you worried about having to move all your data that may break your website? You shouldn’t. Cloudways support promises free first migration for every site you bring to Cloudways. Even if you have 1,000 websites, you can get them on Cloudways without a hassle.

One-Click Install: Install any application with just a click.Unlike dabbling with CLI commands to install new applications on your server, Cloudways is a lot easier to use. You can install a single app from the dropdown menu. If you want to launch a new server, you can do so in the same way.

Unlimited Applications & Servers: Think about how many applications you can launch with a hosting solution: 10? 20? 100? That’s it, right? The more you host on a server, the harder it will be to manage it. That, however, isn’t the case with Cloudways hosting stack. You can launch as many applications as you want, and whenever you want!

For instance, Cloudways promises to host 500 stable applications on a single server trouble-free.

24/7 Support: Support is not always the frontier of hosting solutions. But at Cloudways, you’ll get exceptional support for all, if any, server woes. You can get a premium support add-on to get app-level support as well.

Cloudways Pros

  • Cloudways lets you choose from the top 5 cloud hosting solutions; DigitalOcean, Vultr, Google Cloud, Linod, and AWS, on a single fully managed platform. This essentially means that if you combine these hosting providers Cloudways has 25 global data centers.
Cloudways Datacenters
  • Unbeatable fair pricing. You can enjoy high-quality cloud hosting for as low as $10 unlike other cloud hosting solutions which often charge more than $13 per month for renewals. 
  • Load your websites in less than 3 seconds with auto site optimizations offered by Cloudways’ cache plugin called Breeze. It also uses the latest PHP versions, MariaDB, and has a great infrastructure to ensure blazing-fast loading speeds. 
  • No hectic cPanel. Get a clean UI and manage all your server and app-level settings with a single dashboard which is extremely easy to use. 

Cloudways Cons

  • Cloudways does not allow admin or root-level access to servers through SSH. Of course, you might happen to require root access yourself. As a fully managed hosting provider, however, Cloudways consistently does a fantastic job of maintaining healthy and functional servers.
  • While you won’t get email hosting, Cloudways’ partnership with Rackspace provides email hosting for as low as $1 for an email address per month. 
  • As there is no free domain name or domain registration option at Cloudways, we highly recommend that you buy a domain name from Namecheap

Cloudways Reviews: Whats customers are saying about them?

No web host can flourish in the long-run without offering quality services and support to its clients. We’ve picked out some actual user reviews from Trustpilot to show you why Cloudways is a trustworthy option, according to us, and others.


Cloudways’ customers aren’t the only ones who love it. Almost everyone in the WordPress community on Facebook acknowledges Cloudways’ near-impeccable customer support. You can find Cloudways reviews everywhere on the web which is a positive sign. Just remember one thing, no hosting brand is perfect. What works for us might be not suitable for you. Here is a poll result on Facebook. 


Should You Get Cloudways? Is it Worth the Price?

Absolutely! As of now, no other web host offers such remarkable speeds and support for such a low price. From Kinsta and WPEngine to FlyWheel and Liquid Web, the price brackets soar much higher than Cloudways’. Not only do Kinsta and WPEngine start at $30 – $22 each for a basic package, they also restrict you to WordPress only. 

So if you have an application on Magento and another application on WordPress, at Kinsta and WPEngine, you will have to move one application to another hosting solution. But at Cloudways hosting, they’ll allow you to launch all your applications on a single server that costs just $10!

That means, instead of $80 for two applications, you’ll pay $10 for both on a single server while you enjoy all the support you can get.

Also, you can run multiple staging sites on your server at the same time. A single server of Cloudways allows you to host multiple websites and applications without impacting its performance. That’s the benefit of using your own private cloud, and Cloudways will make it possible to do so.

That said, get a free Cloudways trial here and start experiencing how this new hosting stack can help you grow your business. We are glad to announce that Cloudways hosting have been selected as the best cloud hosting provider in 2020 at HostingCrush.

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